Farms and Ranches

Acreage tracts can be utilized for agricultural purposes such as farming, horse ranches or cattle operations. These tracts are most often located in rural and emerging markets.

Mixed Use

These acreage tracts consist of various zoning, entitlements or PDs. Mixed-Use tracts typically contain retail/commercial, multi-family and single-family uses incorporated into a single site.

Investment Tracks

Investment tracts include a wide range of sizes to accommodate individual investors to large institutional investor funds. The tracts are typically located along the identified growth corridors and/or on the periphery of development.


Retail/Commercial tracts range in size from neighborhood strip retail locations to large, regional sites that can accommodate big box retail and open or enclosed malls.


Acreage tracts that are designated for a single-family development in either master-planned communities or tracts that are entitled, zoned or planned to allow residential development.

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